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Success Stories


SUCCESS STORY (October 2018)

Mr. Jorge, was referred to the Community Health Worker for his weight, high blood sugar levels (pre-diabetes). He commented that after attending the class he realized that he had bad eating habits, which should change.

He is a field worker and all day he ate more than 6 tacos with flour tortillas, 4 sodas. He started feeling as if something was wrong so he decided to schedule an appointment at Sunset to see the doctor. After his visit, he was recommended to make changes to his diet to avoid a future chronic condition.

It was then that he was very motivated to meet with the Community Health Worker. "Norma showed me how I should measure my portions and how I should count my carbohydrates. In addition, she recommended low-fat diet and little physical activity every day. "

During his follow up appointment, the following month Mr. Jorge had lost 14 pounds, he said he felt more energetic and bought new clothes because of his weight loss. The best of this situation is that the patient is decreasing the risks of cardiovascular diseases, as well as diabetes. He thanks the services of Sunset as well as the doctor who referred him to these classes with the Community Health Worker.


SUCCESS STORY (September 2018)

Ricardo's family is impressed by the desire and dedication with which he made and is continuing changes. His great motivation is to share his story in the Sunset website page. He wishes to recognize the Community Health Worker and thank her for teaching him new nutritional lifestyle changes. Ricardo with an initial weight of 340 pounds and in the process he has manage to lose 38 pounds. His family is very happy and express will continue supporting him.

SUCCESS STORY (August 2018)

Mr. Dubay stated that he feels very fortunate to have the nutrition classes provided by the Community Health Worker at Sunset Community Health Center. He stated that coming to the nutrition classes has taught him about portion control. He voiced that he has now made many changes in his eating habits and is gradually improving his weight loss. He shared that it has been a bit of a struggle, but feels that he has will power and determination to continue making lifestyle changes to help improve his health. He voiced that he wants to continue with nutrition classes to continue learning.



Elaia wrote a letter to Carmen her CHW stating the following: “I would like to thank Carmen, my Community Health Worker, for having the time and patience to help me learn ways of how to eat healthier. Thanks to her I have been able to reach my goal little by little. Thank you for the motivation and self-confidence to make an effort in accomplishing this goal, which should help me to stay fit.”

Young at Heart Health Fair Home Improvement Winners 

On June 6th, we had our first Young at Heart Health and Information Event where six lucky families won a basic home improvement with the value of up to 100 dlls. The improvements options included items such as door knob, ac maintenance, smoke detectors, and others. Thank you for our sponsors that made this possible and to everyone that attended the event which was a great success!