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Success Stories

 Success Story (July 2018)


Elaia wrote a letter to Carmen her CHW stating the following: “I would like to thank Carmen, my Community Health Worker, for having the time and patience to help me learn ways of how to eat healthier. Thanks to her I have been able to reach my goal little by little. Thank you for the motivation and self-confidence to make an effort in accomplishing this goal, which should help me to stay fit.”

Young at Heart Health Fair Home Improvement Winners 

On June 6th, we had our first Young at Heart Health and Information Event where six lucky families won a basic home improvement with the value of up to 100 dlls. The improvements options included items such as door knob, ac maintenance, smoke detectors, and others. Thank you for our sponsors that made this possible and to everyone that attended the event which was a great success! 


 Success Story (June 2018)

Ana Karen had to make lifestyle changes in order to have a safe delivery specially because she was expecting three babies. Ever since she was referred to the Community Health Worker she was determined to learn about having a better diet for the sake of her babies. We are very glad to say that the babies were born in perfect condition. Patient, "Thanks to the CHW my babies are very healthy."


 Success Story (May 2018)

Mr. Kapelli  he is very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with the Community Health Worker. He learned to modify his eating habits and implement physical activity to his daily routine he was able to lose a total of 10 pounds in three months.  He mentioned he had never been able to lose weight so now that he is noticing the changes he is motivated to continue his new lifestyle changes.

Quote: "Thanks Gaby for all your help."


 Success Story (April 2018)

Mr. Andalon feels very happy with the changes to improve his health, he says he has made the recommendations given. He commented that he thought he didn't like vegetables since he had never tried them. Mr. Andalon use to eat many tortillas during every meal. When making lifestyle changes tortillas was the first thing he changed, "I used to eat 6 tortillas in each meal, now I only eat one," he comment. Now he walks 4 to 5 times a week, he has a lot of support from his wife. With the changes he made he lost weight, that also encourages him to continue taking care of himself. "I had never been able to lose weight," he laughs, "well, if I did not take care of myself," he lost 6 pounds in 2 months.

Thanks to the Community Health Worker for her recommendations !!



As High Quality Leader: HRSA Presents Sunset CHC with a Quality Improvement Award!

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) presented Sunset Community Health Center with a 2017 Quality Improvement Award.  Recognized Sunset CHC as a Health Center Quality Leader for achieving the best overall clinical performance among all health centers, placing in the top 30 percent of the adjusted quartile rankings for Clinical Quality Measures. Sunset CHC is pleased to have received such prestige award and will continue with its mission to deliver comprehensive and preventive primary care in a culturally sensitive, compassionate and professional manner, ultimately improving the health of our patients and responding to the health and education needs of our communities. “Committed to Helping: Build Healthier Communities”.

Special Thanks to everyone that was able to join us during our 2nd Annual Family Resource Health Fair! We had lots of fun! The community benefit from the event by taking advantage of the FREE health screening and information available. Until Next Year!

Special Thanks to everyone that was able to join us during our 7th Annual Wellness on Wheels Flu Campaign. We were able to serve Yuma County community by offering FREE flu shots, health screening and information about all of our services.


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony:
Sunset Community Health Center had a formal ribbon cutting ceremony and site tour of the new School Base Health Center at the O.C. Johnson Elementary School
At the ceremony, David Rogers, Sunset CEO, narrated the importance of preventative healthcare services and keeping our kids healthy for a successful tomorrow.

Great speech Mr. Rogers!!!

As part of our ongoing commitment to Helping: “Build Healthier Communities”, Sunset Community Health Center hosted a FREE public event dedicated to heart disease prevention. Special 'Thanks' to our wonderful staff, community partners, and participants that made this event a total success.


 Congratulation to our Pediatric Department at North Yuma and Somerton for receiving the, “Daniel T. Cloud Outstanding Practice Award"


 2017 Employee Spring Picnic


 Special Thanks to YumaBIZ of the Yuma Chamber of Commerce for featuring Sunset Community Health Center in the April 2017 edition


Yuma Biz  

1st Place in South Yuma County for Best Medical Services!

Sunset Community Health Center in San Luis and Somerton were voted 1st Place in South Yuma County for Best Medical Services.

Thanks to everyone that voted for us!


1st Family Resources Health Fair  



Sunset was selected as one of the
BEST “Obstetrician & Pediatric Office”!

Sunset was selected by Yuma voters as one of the BEST “Obstetrician & Pediatric Office”!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, the community recognizes your commitment to help build healthier communities! ...


 2017 Legislator of the Year! Charlene R. Fernandez-District 4
AACHC Annual Meeting


 "$25,000 grant through
Cenpatico’s Community Reinvestment Program"

We received a $25,000 grant through Cenpatico’s Community Reinvestment program to purchase and implement a book-based therapy library. We will utilize the funds to develop lending libraries in each of our 5 clinics where patients can borrow books they may be interested in. Each library will have approximately 250 books, with options in both English and Spanish and for all ages, and each clinic will have a reading nook available to peruse library options. The purpose of the library is to be able to provide a service to those patients who may not be interested in therapy services, but still feel they need some sort of guidance. The books range from self-help and personal development to fictional stories in which a main character copes with a mental health problem or learns about expressing their feelings. At Sunset, we understand that each person has different needs when it comes to behavioral health, and this library seeks to help meet the diverse needs of our patients. We are currently in the process of ordering books, and look forward to having this resource available in the coming months.



“Employee of the Year”

Sunset Family gathered together last Friday, December 9th, to rejoice the holidays.
During this celebration, “Employee of the Year” was announced, Congratulations Armando Mendoza,
well-deserved recognition! 

As part of this celebration a Karaoke contest was held and everyone had a chance to share their talent with our Sunset family! Congratulations to our Karaoke Winners! (left to right) Janet Martinez, Adriana Ramirez, Marybel Rangel, Vicki Nelson.











"Provider of the Year; Mwela N. Asombang"

Sunset would like to say THANK YOU to our Provider of the Year; Mwela N. Asombang. Thank you for your endless hours of work. Thank you for making a difference in our community. Thank you. Because what you do matters.


 "Day of the Farm Worker"

Scenes captured this past Saturday, December 5th at the 22nd Celebration of "Day of the Farm Worker"

A big thank you to Campesinos Sin Fronteras and the committee responsible for making this event possible every year, without a doubt, this is a very special day for our farm worker. Among free gifts and free health screenings this celebration was a huge success, a great way to thank our farm workers for their hard work!



2016 Women in Business

As a recognition to their dedication and hard work 8 SCHC Women were selected to be part of the 2016 Women in Business edition! Congratulation; Ana Marie Rivera, Mwela N. Asombang, Maria Fereira-Caroz, Judith Heredia, Katelyn Squire, Lucy Murrieta, Rebeka Hays, and Zonia Pelroy.

Please check out http://livinginyuma.com see the women in business feature on the photo slider of the home page.



Wellton’s 3rd Annual 5K Walk/Run for diabetes

On behalf of Sunset Community Health Center we want to thank JV Farms, JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding for their monetary contributions, La Campesina for their advertising and promotion of Wellton’s 3rd Annual 5K Walk/Run for diabetes event and Yuma Foothills SNAP fitness for their participation as well as The Town of Wellton for the use of their facility, Wellton Police Department for traffic control, Wellton Fire Department and Tri Valley Ambulance for emergency services.  Your contribution makes a difference on many of the families we service every day; events like this allows for us to continue with the commitment to help build healthier communities by promoting physical activity.


Thank you for your support and collaboration with Sunset Community Health Center’s event.  The event was a huge success!! We had a total of 117 participants including the participation of Arizona Western College Fire Academy.


Once again, please accept our most sincere gratitude and appreciation for your participation.



 Yuma saw nation’s biggest surge as the Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment wound down

February 2016, WASHINGTON – Yuma residents posted the highest enrollment gains in the country as open enrollment for the Marketplace ended, surging 21 percent in the last week alone.

Awesome job Sunset Community Health Center! During Open Enrollment III for the Health Insurance Marketplace Sunset was well prepared, had a plan, and implemented upon the lessons learned from the previous two years. Special “thanks” to all the staff that made this happened. A total of 5 Navigators and 4 Certified Application Counselors who always went above and beyond to get families in Yuma enrolled. In a tree-month period Sunset had a total of 10 “Health Care & Enrollment Events” and enrolled in coverage a total of 556 individuals.

On February 04, 2016, Centers for Medicaid & Medicare (CMS) announced that Yuma, Arizona was the fastest rate of growth between Week 12 and Week 13 by 21percent. In addition, Arizona saw the second largest decrease in the uninsured rate in the country.

National summary:

  • Net reduction of 20.0 million uninsured adults since the ACA was implemented; Marketplace & Medicaid expansion based on data from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) and from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (WBI).

  • 90% covered

  • The uninsured rate has dropped 43 percent between fall 2013 and spring 2016, President Obama, 03.03.16


 Sunset Community Health Center-North Yuma Grand Opening

By Rachel Twoguns, staff writer

The new Sunset Community Health Center-North Yuma Family Healthcare Facility held its grand opening on Wednesday April13th, 2016 and will provide the north area of Yuma with access to a variety of clinical services.

A Health and Wellness Fair took place at the grand opening as part of the celebration, offering free medical services and information about health insurance for the community.

Approximately 10,000 square feet in size, the new north clinic encompasses 16 exam rooms, Sunset CHC said in a news release, and is located on 675 S. Avenue B. At the clinic, family practice, pediatric, internal medicine, behavioral health, pharmacy, outreach and enrollment as well as patient advocacy, community health workers and support services can be accessed.

Hours for the new site are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and the clinic can be reached at 928-539-3140.

David Rogers, Sunset chief executive officer, spoke at the north center’s grand opening and said the new facility will serve thousands of Yumans. “We’re thrilled to be part of the expansion here in this part of Yuma. We do plan to add about 3,000 patients here in north Yuma and we’ll do probably close to 10,000 visits on an annual basis. In my opinion the opportunity and the end result will probably be much greater than that.”

Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls also spoke at the event and commented on the need for a health center in the northern area of the city. “The fact that most of our health care is clustered in one area in Yuma is fine if you live in that area or you have easy means to get to that area, but for those who can’t or it’s just not convenient on the way home from work, or trying to deal with kids in school, this provides that opportunity for quality healthcare. There’s nothing more important to a community than healthcare.”

The north clinic has approximately 20 full-time employees and a “culturally competent and linguistically appropriate team of two to three medical providers,” Sunset CHC noted in the release. Overall, according to Manny Figueroa, Sunset board of directors president and speaker at the grand opening event, the agency employs approximately 270 people in Yuma County.

According to Figueroa, the new north clinic cost approximately $2 million to build and equip. In total, Figueroa said the Sunset Community Health Center’s budget for this fiscal year is $23 million, with most being spent locally.

Figueroa also noted in his speech that Sunset CHC is more accurately described as a clinic. “For many upon many of our clients and our patients at Sunset, our clinics are the only medical facility. Sunset Community Health Center is not a hospital, and if you want to nitpick, Sunset Community Health Center is not a medical facility; it is a clinic in the true sense of the word clinic. We are extremely proud here at Sunset that we don’t want to be other things, we don’t attempt to be other things, that we don’t pretend to be things we are not."

“Throughout the nation community-based clinics provide a valuable service,” Figueroa added. “Nationwide our types of clinics provide primary health care needs to over 24 million patients throughout 9,000 different locations in the United States. Our clinics play obviously a crucial role in the nation’s healthcare system, providing affordable health services for one out of every 14 Americans; that’s including but not limited to low-income working families, the medically under-served and of course our high-risk populations.”

In Yuma, Figueroa said, there are various Sunset CHC sites. “Locally, Sunset Community Health Center has six primary sites throughout Yuma County. We have clinics in San Luis, Ariz., Somerton, Wellton, and of course the city of Yuma.”

Additionally, Figueroa said that Sunset CHC has a mobile unit and services school children from over 40 schools in Yuma County.

Over 70 percent of Sunset CHC patients live 100 percent below the federal poverty level, and approximately 80 percent of patients are reported as Hispanic or Latino, Sunset CHC said. “Although poverty is rampant in Yuma County, nowhere are barriers in access to health care suffered worse than north Yuma County. The ratio of population to providers is 21,943:1. This new Sunset CHC is prepared to respond to and serve the unmet (need) in north Yuma County.”




 The Arizona Partnership for Immunization (TAPI)

Sunset Community Health Center is pleased to announce that we have been awarded with the Teen Cloud and the Toddler Cloud. The Dr. Daniel T. Cloud Awards are given to recognize and honor outstanding practices and the brightest stars, with at least 90% immunization coverage rate, by The Arizona Partnership for Immunization (TAPI). Sunset Community Health Center was the only community health center in the State of Arizona to receive both awards this year.

To learn more about this important recognition visit https://www.whyimmunize.org/


Locations / Hours

Click here for detailed contact information and hours of operation.

Medical: (928) 627-3822
Pharmacy: (928) 373-5757
Click here to view map
Dental: (928) 627-8584
Click here to view map
Obstetrics/Gynecology: (928) 627-3822

Click here to view map
Medical: (928) 819-8999
Pharmacy: (928) 819-8941
Obstetrics/Gynecology: (928) 726-5950

Click here to view map
Medical: (928) 539-3140
Click here to view map
Medical: (928) 627-2051
Pharmacy: (928) 627-1607
Click here to view map
Dental: (928) 627-8806
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Medical: (928) 785-3256
Pharmacy: (928) 785-3256
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Medical: (928) 785-8808
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Yuma - 24th St building-yuma24 2060 W. 24th Street
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 819-8999 - Medical
(928) 819-8941 - Pharmacy
(928) 726-5950 - Obstetrics/Gynecology
Review on Google Click here for map
North Yuma building-yumaB 675 S. Avenue B
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 539-3140
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Somerton building-somerton 115 N. Somerton Avenue
PO Box 538
Somerton, AZ 85350
(928) 627-2051 - Medical
(928) 627-8806 - Dental
(928) 627-1607 - Pharmacy
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San Luis building-sanluis 815 E. Juan Sánchez Blvd.
PO Box 2017
San Luis, AZ 85349
(928) 627-3822 - Medical
(928) 373-5757 - Pharmacy
(928) 627-3822 - Obstetrics/Gynecology
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San Luis Dental building-sanluis 801 N. 2nd Avenue
PO Box 2017
San Luis, AZ 85349
(928) 627-8584
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Wellton building-wellton 10425 Williams Street
P.O. Box 686
Wellton, AZ 85356
(928) 785-3256 Medical
(928) 785-8008 Dental
(928) 785-3256 Pharmacy
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